Get Yourself a Sweet Treat From Back in the Day in Savannah


Studying for exams inside your student apartment in Savannah can be hard work at times, so why not make those revision sessions a little more appealing by snacking on baked goods? All kinds of treats can be purchased from Back in the Day Bakery, which is just a 10-minute drive away on 2403 Bull Street. The motto is “Slow Down and Taste the Sweet Life” … [Read more...]

Explore Your Graduate Career at Savannah State Next Semester


Education offers a stepping stone to career success, therefore you should not compromise when choosing a place to study. If you decide to rent an apartment near Savannah State University at the Hunter's Bluff community, you can study for many master degrees. This college can be found on 3219 College Street. More than 4,500 people study at Savannah … [Read more...]

Try Adding the Styles of Savannah Fashion Week to Your Wardrobe This Spring


You don't have to be fashion-focused to look great, because when you rent an apartment near Oglethorpe Mall, you can find the latest trends with ease. Our apartments are designed with plenty of storage space, so you can stock up on stylish garments from nearby stores and boutiques. If you're not quite sure what flatters your shape and style, why not get … [Read more...]

Become a Resident Just in Time for the River Street Seafood Fest


Savannah is home to some of the best seafood and if you want to sink your teeth into crab, oyster, shrimp and other dishes, become a resident at Hunter's Bluff before May 2! This is when the River Street Seafood Fest begins - a two-day festival showcasing local restaurant fare in an upbeat environment. Free and open to the public, the annual event will … [Read more...]

No Matter How Long You’re in Savannah, There’s Always Something Fun to Watch!


Do you go through life wondering what's around the corner? Are you open to spontaneous opportunities? If so, a Savannah apartment with a flexible lease option would suit you down to a T! At Hunter's Bluff, we allow residents to rent a unit for a length of time that suits them. This convenience enables you to enjoy everything the city has to offer, such as … [Read more...]